Is Portugal Open for cruises?

Portugal is now open again for cruise tourism, according to the Offices of Ministers of National Defense and Home Affairs, of the Minister for Health and the Minister for Infrastructure and Housing. … “We are very happy to welcome again cruise ships and passengers at Porto Cruise Terminal, Port of Leixões.

What cruise ports are currently open?

What US Cruise Ports Are Currently Open – and When Will US Cruise Ports Reopen?

  • Baltimore. The port of Baltimore has not announced when it will reopen to cruise ships.
  • Boston. …
  • Charleston. …
  • Fort Lauderdale (Port Everglades) …
  • Galveston. …
  • Los Angeles (Long Beach) …
  • Los Angeles (San Pedro) …
  • Miami.

Is Spain allowing cruise ships in 2021?

One of the most important countries to the cruise industry in Europe is set to reopen its ports to cruise ships. Harmony’s summer season is scheduled to begin on July 4, 2021 and is still on the cruise line’s schedule to sail from Barcelona. …

Is Grand Turk closed to cruise ships?

Grand Turk, a popular port where Carnival Cruise Line has its own private beach resort, remains closed to cruise ships.

Do cruises Resume 2022?

As travel begins to return in greater numbers following the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of cruise will continue to evolve in 2022 and beyond. … And river cruise operator Uniworld has seen a 425 percent year-on-year increase in late 2021 and 2022 bookings to exotic destinations like India, Vietnam and Egypt.

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Is Carnival Cancelling all cruises?

Therefore, Carnival Cruise Line is cancelling all cruises through 31.10. 2020.

Will it be safe to cruise again?

The CDC’s official guidance is still that “all people” should avoid travel on cruise ships. Its regulations for cruising’s return remain in effect until November 1, 2021.

Will Bermuda allow cruise ships in 2021?

Royal Caribbean International has canceled the summer 2021 program of voyages from Bermuda. The Vision of the Seas was to operate from the island June through Aug. 29.

Will 2021 cruises be Cancelled?

Cruise Lines Continue To Cancel Sailings Further Into 2021. … All cruises on Oceania and Regent have been canceled through March 31, 2021. That same day, Royal Caribbean announced it would be suspending its global sailings through February 28, 2021. Sailings in Australia are now cancelled through April 2021.

Will there be cruises in 2021?

Several cruise lines will resume sailing this summer from international ports instead of US waters. These are the updated 2021 sailing plans for cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Disney Cruises. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

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