In what Portuguese word did baroque came from?

The word baroque comes from the Portuguese word barroco, meaning misshapen pearl, a negative description of the ornate and heavily ornamented music of this period.

What is the likely origin of the word baroque?

The term Baroque probably derived from the Italian word barocco, which philosophers used during the Middle Ages to describe an obstacle in schematic logic. Subsequently, the word came to denote any contorted idea or involute process of thought.

What ancient Portuguese noun can the word baroque be traced?

The word baroque derives from the ancient Portuguese noun “barroco” which is a pearl that is not round but of unpredictable and elaborate shape.

What did irregular pearl from the term baroque mean?

STUDY. Where does the termbaroque‘ derive itself from. the Portuguese word ‘barroco’ referring to an irregular pearlmeaning contorted or grotesque–disparaging description of the Grand turbulent dynamic style of 17th century art. Dominant style in the 17th century.

Why barroco means Pearl of irregular shape?

The term “Keshi” is used in relation to the structure and formation process of the pearl. It defines pearls with irregular shapes (thus, baroque pearls) that are formed as a result of an abnormality that occurred during their production process and led to the rejection of the nucleus.

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What is the meaning of barroco a Portuguese word which Baroque derived from?

Derived from the Portuguese barroco, or “oddly shaped pearl,” the term “baroque” has been widely used since the nineteenth century to describe the period in Western European art music from about 1600 to 1750.

What is another word for baroque?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for baroque, like: elaborate, extravagant, ornate, flamboyant, florid, rococo, bizarre, churrigueresque, high-wrought, gilt and grotesque.

Is derived from the Portuguese word barroco?

Although it has roots in the Portuguese word barroco meaning “imperfect pearl” not everything baroque is imperfect. … Historically, Rococo comes after the Baroque period.

What is the meaning of baroque pearls?

Baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes. Most cultured freshwater pearls are baroque because freshwater pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated.

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