How many climates does Portugal have?

Portugal is classified as Csb climate; a warm temperate moist forest climate, with wet winters, dry summers and the warmest month above 22°C on average.

Are there 4 seasons in Portugal?

While Portugal does have four distinct seasons, the respective conditions of summer and winter do tend to linger on in autumn and spring. … Autumn falls between late-September and November, while the spring season sits between March and May.

Is Portugal hotter than Spain?

The biggest geographic difference between Portugal and Spain is the size; Spain is around five times larger than Portugal. … In Portugal, the average temperature in Lisbon is 24°C in July and 11°C in January, and in Spain the average temperature in Barcelona is around the same: 24°C in August and 10°C in January.

Is Portugal humid or dry?

The whole of Portugal is very dry from, say, mid-June to mid-September, There’s hardly a day or two of rain and cloudless days are the norm. That’s particularly true of Lisbon. The cloudless sky makes for the streets over which the Sun shines feel much hotter than the real temperature.

Is Portugal a good place to live?

The fantastic climate, great quality of life and low cost of living are just some of the reasons many Americans choose to live in Portugal. Favorable tax treatment is also a big plus, and Portugal frequently tops ranking of best places in the world to live in.

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