How hot is Madeira in June?

Madeira experiences highs of 25°C in June so you’ll need to come prepared with plenty of sun cream. Lows of 18°C mean you’ll also need warmer layers for the evenings though. With just 9mm of rain expected this month, there’s very little chance of wet weather.

How hot is Madeira in July?

How Hot Is Madeira In July? During this month, the average temperature for the island increases from 22.5°C on 1 July to 23.5°C by the end of the month. Daily highs and lows rise in a similar fashion as the month progresses, from 25°C to 26°C and from 20°C to 21°C, respectively.

Is June a good time to visit Madeira?

Best time of year to visit Madeira

Amazing and stable weather denotes April through November as the best time to visit Madeira. April to mid-June is known for price cuts and moderate crowds. This period can offer you unforgettable hiking among lush green vegetation, and you can join famous Madeira Flower Festival.

Is Madeira cloudy in June?

In summary, Madeira has great weather during the summer (except for June!) and winter months that may be cloudy and wet, but will be much more pleasant than mainland Europe. …

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Is Madeira expensive to visit?

Madeira isn’t expensive at all, you can find low cost accommodations and also low cost places to eat all around the island (avoid touristic areas in Funchal, there are more expensive). For 10 days stay and if you love Nature and Trekking i advise you to make some Walks on the Levadas, Jeep Tours and also Canyoning.

Is Madeira a winter destination?

Long stay winter holidays

Madeira is the perfect winter sun holiday destination – the weather is fantastic all year round, so the island isn’t any less lively. The main difference you’ll notice is the lack of crowds! Plus, of course, it’s cheaper to visit Madeira in the winter than the summer.

What is the best month to visit Madeira?

For the highest temperatures the best time to visit Madeira is between August and September although the sub tropical climate offers sunshine throughout the year and winter months are equally popular with visitors. The hottest month of the year is August with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 21 C.

Is food expensive in Madeira?

In Madeira, you will find something for every budget. In most restaurants, prices range between 10 and 20 EUR per dish/ per person, excluding drinks. In addition to expensive and moderate restaurants in hotels and touristic places, you will also find smaller and cheaper restaurants and bars, where locals eat.

Can you swim in Madeira in June?

Swimming the islands of Madeira in june is cool

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In june the islands of Madeira swimming conditions are generally the same everywhere. Swimming in june in Funchal, Porto Santo, Calheta, Porto Moniz, Santa Cruz (Madeira), Santana (Madeira), Canico, Ponta do Sol and Ribeira Brava is possible but the sea is generally cool.

Is the sea warm in Madeira?

The temperature of the sea in Madeira is not very high. In fact, it goes from 18 °C (64.5 °F) between February and April to 23.5 °C (74 °F) in September, and can be considered high enough for swimming from August to October. Here are the average sea temperatures.

Is Madeira warmer than Portugal?

The distance between Funchal, Madeira and Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is approximately 973km (605 miles) and both have a hot climate, even though it gets windier in Madeira. There are, however, more rainy days in Lisbon than in Funchal, Madeira. Annually speaking, Madeira weather is warmer when compared to Lisbon.

Is Madeira Nice in June?

Averages With average daytime temperatures hovering around 22°C by the end of the month, holidays to Madeira in June are perfect for relaxing on the beach or exploring the local sights. Madeira experiences highs of 25°C in June so you’ll need to come prepared with plenty of sun cream.

Is it always cloudy in Madeira?

Capacete can be literally translated to peaked cap. This is the reason why June is always cloudy in Madeira. There is still sufficient sunshine but a layer of cloud covers the Funchal area and other nearby places. The umbrella of clouds goes down from the mountains in the morning and goes back in the afternoon.

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