How did Portuguese domination of the spice trade changed the lives of many Europeans?

The Spice Trade in Europe led to the Europeans discovering new routes in order to further get to Asian countries to acquire these spices. … The colony at Cape Town served as a way-station for Dutch ships on the route between Europe and Asia.

How did spices change life in Europe?

Europe used brutal tactics in India and Southeast Asia in efforts to get in on the spice trade. … Spices didn’t just make merchants rich across the globe — it established vast empires, revealed entire continents to Europeans and tipped the balance of world power.

Why was it important that the Portuguese gained control of the spice trade in the 1500s?

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The Portuguese gained dominance of the spice trade because Vasco da Gama acquired a cargo of spices in India sold at an enormous profit so he quickly outfitted a new fleet seeking greater profits.

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How did the Portuguese come to dominate the spice trade of Europe?

How did Portugal gain dominance of the spice trade? Portugal set up numerous military and trading outposts along the coast of Africa. They took over Arab trading ports and challenged Arab leaders for control of the spice trade. … They also captured Malacca and gained a monopoly in the spice trade.

Why did Europe want spices?

Europeans wanted Chinese silk, porcelain, cotton and spices to help preserve the meat. Since the spice trade route was still land base this made it difficult and expensive for Europe to transport these goods, especially since the Europeans had nothing that the Asians wanted.

Who took over control of the spice trade from the Portuguese?

In subsequent struggles to gain control of the trade, Portugal was eventually eclipsed, after more than a century as the dominant power. By the 19th century, British interests were firmly rooted in India and Ceylon, while the Dutch were in control of the greater part of the East Indies.

What spice makes up 2/3s of the spice trade in Europe?

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What dried berry makes up two-thirds of the spice trade in Europe? pepper
What major obstacle does the Sultan face as he tries to capture Constantinople as the jewel of a new Islamic Empire? defensive walls that are 4 miles long and 100 feet high

How did the Portuguese use geographic factors to help them control the spice trade?

How did the Portuguese use geographic factors to help them control the spice trade? … They used force and diplomacy to set up coastal trading posts. They used diplomacy to establish alliances with inland Indian rulers and Arab traders.

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What were the 3 aims of the Portuguese traders?

The traded gold and also spices , ivory and slaves for metals , cloth and manufactured goods . … The main goal of Portuguese empire was trade , not colonisation or conquest .

Why was the spice trade so important to European traders?

Arab traders controlled the spice trade between Europe and the East, like China, Indonesia, India and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka, my third stop), for almost 5,000 years until Europeans started looking for a new route to the Far East. … Spices were so important because they helped mask the flavor of not-so-fresh food.

Why were spices so sought after?

During the Middle Ages, spices were as valuable in Europe as gold and gems and the single most important force driving the world’s economy. The lack of refrigeration and poor standards of hygiene meant that food often spoiled quickly and spices were in great demand to mask the flavour of food that was far from fresh.

Why did the Portuguese not enjoy more success?

Why did the Portuguese not enjoy more success in their first voyage? When da Gama finally met the leader of Calicut, the conference went badly. The Portuguese had brought few goods of value to India, and the ruler expected gold in return for the spices that da Gama desired.

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