Frequent question: What is the weather like in Portugal at Christmas?

December brings rain, cooler temperatures and plenty of festive sparkle to Portugal. … Heading on south towards Lisbon, highs now hit 59°F (15°C), lows average at 48°F (9°C), and there are roughly 10 days of rain (about as wet as it gets here).

Is December a good time to visit Portugal?

The month of December in Lisbon is mild and there are some sunny days too during this time but it is obviously colder as well as wetter. … The weather in Portugal during this time of the year fluctuates a bit. However, visiting Portugal in December will be a great idea, as sightseeing can be fun!

What is the temperature in Portugal at Christmas?

Lisbon gives a good idea of Portugal’s weather, and you’ll have an average high of 15ºC there in December. Things can get quite cool in the evenings, so bring some warmer clothes as temperatures drop to 9ºC at night. The sea temperature’s 17ºC, while humidity’s low. Average rainfall’s 106mm over 14 rainy days.

Can you swim in Portugal in December?

The water temperature in Faro (Algarve) in december is cool. Swimming in december on the beaches of Faro (Algarve) is possible but the sea water is cool. So even though the sea temperature sometimes climbs to 65°F, it can also be as low as 62°F!

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Is Portugal warmer than Spain?

The biggest geographic difference between Portugal and Spain is the size; Spain is around five times larger than Portugal. … In Portugal, the average temperature in Lisbon is 24°C in July and 11°C in January, and in Spain the average temperature in Barcelona is around the same: 24°C in August and 10°C in January.

Is Portugal warm in winter?

Portugal is mainly characterized by a warm temperate, mediterranean climate with a distinct wet season in winter. During winter, Portugal experiences a similar temperature pattern to the Spanish coastal towns, i.e. average daytime maxima of about 16°C (61°F). … On average 5-6 hours of sunshine can be expected per day.

What is the coolest part of Portugal?

The coldest area of Portugal is around Porto, in the north.

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