Frequent question: How long is Christmas celebrated in Portugal?

Christmas in Portugal takes place on the eve of the 24th of December although, as a lot of it happens around midnight, it crosses over into the 25th. Shoes (as opposed to stockings) are traditionally laid out for the Baby Jesus (as opposed to Santa), and the house is decorated for Christmas.

Why do Portuguese celebrate Christmas on 24th?

This is a relatively modern Christmas tradition in Portugal that started 40 years ago, when several friends gathered on the 24th of December at an old tavern called “Casa das Bananas”, in Braga. The idea was to wish everyone “Merry Christmas” while having a glass of Moscatel de Setúbal, accompanied by a banana.

What do Portuguese do on Christmas Eve?

In Portugal, Christmas eve (the 24th) is the main day of celebration. The whole family gets together to eat food, drink port wine, and laugh into the early hours of the morning. Christmas day (the 25th) is a day of rest, with another big family meal, but this time with meat instead of fish.

Are there Christmas trees in Portugal?

Christmas lights are a big thing in Portugal, especially in the cities, and most will be switched on by the end of November. … The main Christmas tree in Porto is usually outside the City Hall at the top of Avenida dos Aliados, although not in 2020.

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Who is the gift giver in Portugal?

List of gift-bringers

Nation Old man
Portugal Pai Natal (Father Christmas), Santa Claus
Puerto Rico Santa Clós (Santa Claus)
Romania Moş Crăciun (Old Man Christmas, Christmas Old Man, Grandfather Christmas, Christmas Grandfather), Moş Nicolae (St Nicholas) 6 December

What are holiday traditions in Portugal?

Friends and family gather around the Christmas tree and the Nativity scene or Presepio …. followed by “Missa do Galo” or midnight mass services. For Christmas Eve celebrations, salt cod or bacalhau is the traditional dish, usually served with boiled potatoes and cabbage.

Where can I buy a Christmas tree in Portugal?

Where to Buy Christmas Trees in Lisbon (Artificial)

  • Loja de Gato Preto. That’s where I ended up getting my tree. …
  • Area. Area has the prettiest (and most expensive Christmas trees). …
  • Casa. …
  • Leroy Merlin. …
  • Aki. …
  • Continente. …
  • Ikea. …
  • Horto de Campo Grande.
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