Frequent question: How do I pay my IMI in Portugal?

There are several ways to pay this tax. You can do it at a tax office (in person or online), at a CTT office (the post office), an ATM or a financial institution that has a protocol with the Portuguese tax authorities. This payment can be made by cash, cheque, direct debit or bank transfer.

How do I pay Portuguese IMI?

Paying Your Portuguese Property Tax (IMI) From Abroad

  1. Open and log into Portuguese bank account.
  2. Click on Payments.
  3. Click on State- Pay the State.
  4. Enter Reference 15 digit number from the bottom left side of invoice.
  5. Enter amount €
  6. Enter Fiscal number top left 9 digits.
  7. Click next.
  8. Check info and Pay.

How often do you pay IMI in Portugal?

IMI is paid annually through a single billing document in April, if the tax is up to 250 euros. If the value is between 250 and 500 euros, you can pay in two installments, in April and November. If the amount exceeds 500 euros, you can pay in three times (April, July and November).

How do I pay my property taxes in Portugal?

How can you pay the tax? Payment of the IMI can be made in Portugal at the tax office, the post office and at any multi-bank ATM. If you are not in Portugal, you can make the payment via the online platform of the tax authority or via online banking of your Portuguese bank account.

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What is IMI tax in Portugal?

IMI (Imposto Municipal sobre Imóveis) IMI is the tax payable by property owners. The tax is calculated in relation to the tax value of the property (value of the property as assessed by the Tax Authorities). It is paid yearly, in one or two installments.

How do I pay tax in Portugal?

Income tax rates in Portugal

Portuguese residents must pay personal income tax on their earnings. Most workers are taxed automatically through their payslips, but everyone must still complete an annual tax return. Married couples in Portugal must submit a joint return.

How do I pay my IMI bill online?

How to Pay IMI Online

  1. Sign up to the Portal das Finanças online. In order to access your IMI bills through the ‘Portal das Finanças’, you will first have to request a password to be sent by post to your fiscal address. …
  2. Log on to your account. …
  3. Access your IMI bills online. …
  4. Pay via your Portuguese bank online.

Are there property taxes in Portugal?

Immovable Property Tax (IMI)

In Portugal, you need to pay a property tax (Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis) as an owner of a property. … Property tax rates range from 0.3% to 0.45%. While properties in rural areas are taxed at 0.8%, properties in more urban areas are taxed within the mentioned range.

Do you have to pay property tax in Portugal?

As an owner of property in Portugal you will have to pay property tax (Immovable Property Tax, IMI). … The Tax rates range from 0.3% to 0.45%. Property in rural areas are be taxed at 0.8%, whereas property in more urban areas will fall in the stated range.

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How do I pay my car tax in Portugal?

Road tax can be paid at the local Finanças office or via the Internet at e-financas. A password is needed, which can be requested online (in Portuguese).

How much income tax do you pay in Portugal?

The current highest income tax band in Portugal charges 48% tax on income, which is a massive difference. Aside from the flat rate 20% income tax, there is a reduced or deferred tax rate on dividends or other income from investments – and in some cases the income may be exempt from tax.

How much is property transfer tax in Portugal?

There are three levels of AIMI Tax in Portugal: Tax of 0.7% on property valued between €600,000 and €1 mi; Tax of 1% on property valued between €1 mi and €2 mi; Tax of 1.5% if the total value exceeds €2 million.

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