Frequent question: Does Portugal The Man still make music?

Portugal. The Man
Years active 2004–present
Labels Fearless Equal Vision Atlantic Approaching AIRballoons

Is Portugal the man working on a new album?

The Man’s next album, and the band’s social justice work through its PTM Foundation, which kicked off in 2020, partnering with organizations like March for Our Lives, Keep Oregon Well and Protect Our Winters. RIFF: Set the scene for me: Where was the band when you decided to record your live set In Oregon City?

Is the singer of feel it still a girl?

Who Sing feel it still?

Who is disabled in Portugal the Man?

The Man just won a Grammy for their hand-tapping, shoulder-shaking, endlessly addictive song “Feel It Still.” Guitarist Eric Howk happens to use a wheelchair and certainly knows how to rock a tune that just makes you want to move. Portugal.

Is Portugal the Man religious?

JG: Not a religion. I believe in the mind. Everything is energy. Everything is everything.

Does Feel It Still sample Mr Postman?

It took a visit back to his dad in rural Alaska before they realized they needed to set aside the glamour and go back to their roots: finding joy in classic Oldies riffs, as “Feel It Still” does by sampling the Marvelettes’ “Mr. Postman” from 1961.

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