Does Lisbon leave the FBI?

She quits her job as a police chief to work with Jane for the FBI.

Does Lisbon leave The Mentalist?

With The Mentalist’s fate in limbo last spring, the show’s creator Bruno Heller and top lieutenant Tom Szentgyorgyi gave fans a Jane-Lisbon happily ever after in the season’s finale, which ended with him stopping her plane and professing his love. … Tonight’s series finale ended with them exchanging “I do”s.

Does Lisbon move to DC?

Mid-way through the episode, Lisbon gets mad at Jane and leaves to get on a plane to Washington. She calls Pike and accepts his marriage proposal. … When Jane asks Lisbon about Pike she says “he’ll understand” meaning she broke up with him. It is assumed Pike moved to D.C. anyway and is now working there.

Why did the mentalist end so abruptly?

How did the show end? The show opened up with great ratings and a strong viewer base but that gradually declined following each season. The show slipped from 6th position to the 25th during the last season. So, CBS decided to have the show end before ratings got worse and free up the slot for something new.

Why did Red John not kill Lisbon?

It’s the same reason he didn’t kill Patrick Jane so easily when he could have, and perhaps also Teresa Lisbon (maybe he was saving her for another time which never came, or maybe he didn’t need to completely break Jane down yet again, maybe he already had Jane right where he wanted him, which I think was always more …

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