Did Portuguese invent ATM?

Portugal was one of the first countries in Europe to develop money withdrawal machines, but these were in a testing phase. In 1985, the first ATM Portuguese network stood out because it had one of the most sophisticated systems ever!

What did the Portuguese gave to the world?

Portugal brought cinnamon and other spices to the Western world. Again, thank Portugal’s role during the Age of Discoveries for bringing exotic Eastern spices to the Western world.

Which bank invented ATM first?

The ATM was inaugurated on 7 August by Ramesh R S, CGM (North Eastern Circle) in the presence of Dr Roken Nongrum, Medical Superintendent, Dr H. Gordon Robert Hospital. SBI thanks John Shepherd-Barron for his revolutionary invention.

What was discovered in Brazil that made it so valuable to the Portuguese?

The answer is gold and diamonds.

What came first Portuguese or Spanish?

Portuguese was first created in the area around Madrid or La Mancha in south central Spain. Portuguese than gave birth to Galician, a daughter dialect like language spoken north of the Portuguese border in Northwest Spain. Spanish & Portuguese were created at the exact same time.

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