Can I fly to Portugal for Champions League final?

Admission to the stadium will be granted providing supporters are in possession of a valid match ticket purchased from Manchester City and they comply with all applicable requirements to enter Portugal. Supporters travelling independently will receive their tickets via post in advance of the Champions League Final.

Can I travel to Portugal for Champions League?

Champions League final: UK fans can enter Portugal for Chelsea vs Man City despite travel guidance uncertainty. … European football’s governing body said that up to 6,000 supporters from each club would be allowed to attend and that prompted many to start booking travel and accommodation.

Can fans travel to Portugal?

In order to travel to Portugal, all supporters must pay for a private PCR Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to boarding the flight and must provide evidence of a negative result – you must print off a paper copy of your test result and keep this with you for the duration of the trip to help with check-in, airport …

Can Chelsea fans go to Portugal?

Uefa “strongly recommends” Chelsea and Manchester City supporters go on official club trips to Porto for the Champions League final, but fans with tickets will be allowed in even if they have travelled independently.

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Can I watch Champions League final for free?

The Champions League final will also be available for free on for laptop viewers, again via the acclaimed enhanced video player. All you have to do is open this live stream page at 6pm.

Who won the Champions League in 2020?

Will the Champions League final 2021 have fans?

UEFA on Tuesday announced that up to 16,500 fans can attend the 2021 Champions League final between England’s Manchester City and Chelsea in Porto, Portugal later this week. “The Portuguese authorities have confirmed a capacity of 33% or up to 16,500 spectators.

Are fans at Champions League final?

Will there be fans at the Champions League final? Yes, though there won’t be nearly enough fans to fill Estadio Dragao’s listed capacity of 50,033. Portuguese authorities have confirmed a stadium capacity of 33 percent, or up to 16,500 spectators.

Why was Champions League moved to Portugal?

Champions League final moved from Istanbul to Portugal to allow fans to attend, UEFA announces. Talks with the British government regarding the use of Wembley Stadium stalled due to quarantine requirements, UEFA said.

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