Are there any mountain ranges in Portugal?

Estrela Mountains, Portuguese Serra da Estrela (“Star Mountain Range”), highest mountains in continental Portugal. The range lies in the north-central part of the country, between the basins of the Tagus and Mondego rivers.

How many mountain ranges are in Portugal?

List of mountains in Portugal

Name Mountain range Altitude (m)
Pico Pico Island, Azores 2,351 metres (7,713 ft)
Torre Serra da Estrela 1,993 metres (6,539 ft)
Pico Ruivo Madeira Island 1,861 metres (6,106 ft)
Pico das Torres Madeira Island 1,851 metres (6,073 ft)

What is the smallest mountain in Portugal?

Torre (Serra da Estrela)

Location Seia, Guarda District, Portugal
Parent range Serra da Estrela (part of Sistema Central)
First ascent Unknown

What is the lowest point in Portugal?

Geography of Portugal

Continent Europe
Highest point Mount Pico 2351 m
Lowest point Sea level (Atlantic Ocean)
Longest river Tagus (275 km within Portugal)
Largest lake Lake Alqueva

What body of water lies to the south of Portugal?

To its north and east is Spain, which makes up the rest of the peninsula; to the south and the west is the Atlantic Ocean; and to the west and southwest lie the Azores (Açores) and the Madeira Islands, which are part of metropolitan Portugal.

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